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Greats of Wales - Brian Josephson - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Evan J Williams, Nobel contender Greats of Wales - Clive Granger, Nobel Laureate
Greats of Wales - Martin Evans, Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Bertrand Russell, Nobel Laureate

W O R L D - W E L S H F E S T I VA L
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M A R C H1 s t – 3 0 t h


The most original, informative and knowledge-packed series of events in Welsh

For each night of your light entertainment we shall be showcasing some up and
coming talent from Wales involving comedians, dancers as well as recording artists.

N i g h t o ft h e

V I S I O N A R I E So f W A L E S

Presentations on the innovative ‘Welsh Icons’, highlighting achievers in all

professions from the past as well as the present ; an inventor and first modern pioneer

of distance learning ; a talk by a famous inventor ; as well as the pioneering presentation

on ‘World-Welsh Firsts’ (e.g. inventions such as mascara, false eyelashes, the fridge-freezer…..!?)

Oh yeah, plus a book signing on a brilliant but largely, uncelebrated scientist !

Monday 1st March
Dylan Thomas Theatre

£8.50 standard and £6.00 concessions

Buy tickets online at or phone 01792 473238.

N i g h to ft h e
I C O N So ft h eW E L S HM O T O RI N D U S T R Y

Presentations by today’s motor industry icons about their lives and their achievements; on a mechanical genius

and his quest for breaking the World Land Speed Record; on the first public showing of Swansea’s

involvement regarding the forthcoming World Land Speed Record attempt; accompanied by the worlds first showing

of the ‘Welsh contribution to the World’s Motor Industry’.

Tuesday 9th March
Dylan Thomas Theatre

£8.50 standard and £6.00 concessions

Buy tickets online at or phone 01792 473238

N i g h to ft h e
I C O N So fW E L S HG E N I U S

Presentations on a Welshman who was arguably a more original thinker than Englishman Darwin; on the innovative

‘FamousWelsh’ website; on a Swansea genius who was a more versatile and original man than the great English scientist,

Faraday plus book signing; an engineer who was arguably the greatest inventor of the 19th century; plus the worlds first

showing of the ‘Welsh contribution to the winning of Nobel Laureate Prizes’

We shall also be presenting the ‘Greats of Wales; World -Welsh Achiever Award’

Thursday 25th March
Dylan Thomas Theatre

£8.50 standard / £6.00 concessionary

Buy tickets online at or phone 01792 473238

N i g h to ft h e
I C O N So fW E L S HM U S I C

A totally unique and much needed showcasing of songs and musicians few of us knew were Welsh or of Welsh descent.

It is a virtual Hall of Fame of Welsh Music who have left their ineligible mark on world music. To compliment this historical

significant night to end World-Welsh Festival celebrations, we shall be showcasing a world Welsh first

showing of the World Welsh contribution to music. Culturally mesmerising for all up and coming bands, singers and

musicians of Wales and the sort of inspiring night to start a new wave of historically empowered Welsh singing and song-writing talent

S i n C i t y
Saturday 27th March




The nearest to local radio in this area was BBC Wales, But on September 30th 1974 the 1st commercial radio service in Wales was launched. Swansea Sound, covered an area from Burry Port to Port Talbot across Swansea Bay as the jingle told us, broadcasting on 95.1 FM 257 MW The station today has now split into two with the “Wave” now on FM & Swansea Sound AM/Dab. You can now listen to many new radio stations around the area, Swansea Bay, Nation, Scarlet FM, Afon FM & even Radio City at Singleton Hospital is now 1386 am. 2010/11 a new type of radio will hit the airwaves of Mumbles & Gower, a community radio station, RADIO MUMBLES !

Radio Mumbles


Greats of Wales
Greats of Wales - Thomas H Morgan - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - William B Phillips, Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Sam Edwards - Nobel Laureate Greats of Wales - Edward B Lewis - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - E. Donnall Thomas - Nobel Laureate