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B e c o m e a nA c c o u n t a b l e

c o n s c i e n t i o u s a c c o u n t a b l e ,

r o l e – m o d e l

A m b a s s a d o ro fW a l e s

For those who see the dream, the ideas and the vision behind ‘Greats of Wales’ and wish to both join and assist us, we would be honoured to receive your contribution so that together we may be able to make a little difference here in Wales. Many thanks indeed fellow Welshmen and Welshwomen, Cymro-Cats , Cymraes-Cats, national and international friends. Let us all come together as one in the International Cymric Brother/Sisterhood. Your time will come…if of course it has not……………already! Diolch yn fawr

We only seek to discipline the taste, direct the culture, and elevate the imagination of our fellow country- men, and to impart higher and more patriotic bent to movements inspired to make Wales a more accountable World-Nation.(These words are inspired by those made about Dean Howell)

Are you a Welsh Accountable? Are you an Ambassador of Cymru? Are we truly accountable to ourselves and to Wales. Are we setting the standards for tomorrows children. Do we care about the future of Wales. Are we doing what is right for the future of this and the next generation. Are we in a morally and ethically accountable Wales. Are our levels of respect as they should be. Do you not think that the amount of bad language in Wales is simply not good enough. Do you open doors for ladies. Do you talk behind peoples backs. Are you trustworthy. Do you condemn violence. Are we giving enough to each other. Do we have enough tolerance to other races

To become a conciencious accountable we first need to find our identity surely. Our identuity can be found in ourselves and in our achievers. The examples of achievers are set in history. And some of the stories do not make for cool reading. They may be a minority or is there a national characteristic If Edward Herbert, the great Welsh philosopher of the 16th century said that he was of a “choleric” race, then we need to take notice of such surely. We need to stand back, readdress and then move forward

Independence will assist and yes we are born a certain way but yes, we can help change ourselves for the better otherwise we are not helping the next generation are we. Surely that is conceit. Thinking our ourselves and not the future of Welsh children. Yes, we can all become a better people and with independence gain a greater dignity. Dignity seems to remain largely dormant. Further qualities can be gained in empowering yourself with the history of our people and its international achievers

History + Knowledge = Empowerment + Duty + Accountability = Ambassadors of Wales

Achievers can fly the flag of Wales but are they true Ambassadors. Are we socially enlightened enough. Do famous people drag the flag of Wales through the mud with their uncouthness, Are we truly Ambassadors of Wales. Do we travel the world truly Ambassadors for Wales. Dylan Thomas was a genius of achievement in English literature and poetry but socially was he thinking of Wales and the wider world picture. Was he thinking of himself and not future generations of thinking Cymro-cats and Cymraes –cats? Why go to Holywood and urinate in people plant pots and use the sort of vulgar, caustic language and bring shame on yourself as well as the country of your birth?

This is just one example. There are many more. So we say, we are not the only ones. Let us look a little deeper and let us draw-up better standards of social accountability via the Assembly so that I and future thinking students of Wales are not left embarassed by crude, vulgar, socially backward fellow countrymen who think nor care not about the future of the next generation of Welsh young

We says what we think?! What ignorant nonsense. Tact and diplomacy are international. We need to raise the levels. If we all done that, the world would be a vulgar, ignorant state than it is in now. In 2000, one of us sent an article for publication to the Western Mail, the National newspaper of Wales, regarding what he felt was essential as the foundation for the Millenium and beyond for Wales. The editor thanked him, said that it was not something they were looking into yet would keep it and use it int other articles. It was a clarion call for a New Moral, Educational and Culturally advanced Cymru. Now a decade latter in the year two thousand and ten, we would like to prepare a toast……..

To a

New Moral, Educational and Culturally advanced Wales !

You care,………do you not?

Greats of Wales
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