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Greats of Wales - Brian Josephson - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Evan J Williams, Nobel contender Greats of Wales - Clive Granger, Nobel Laureate
Greats of Wales - Martin Evans, Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Bertrand Russell, Nobel Laureate

T O U Ro fI C O N S

“ T h a t ’ sa m a z i n g ! ”

The original Tour of Icons is a unique
touring history of Welsh Dragon-Hot facts about Wales
and it’s Cymric achievements around the World. It is aimed as a light, refreshing and
relaxing educational, knowledge inspired journey into the World of Wales for
everyone of all ages

It is also a must for tourists from around the world who wish to see the beautiful Sexy-Saucy-City of Swansea together with the World-Wales picture At its heart though is a tour for school children and students with a passion for facts about a New Wales and a new dawn in the history of our nation

We shall be passing some of the most beautiful scenery in the World, here in Abertawe, here in Sexy-Saucy-Swansea-Sity as we blow your mind away with some Cymric-Cool, toe-curling knowledge. By the time the journey ends, you will either stand Seven-Foot-Welsh Tall or else wish to become an honorary Cymro/aes astonished with the Welsh contribution to the World!

At our journey's end there is also the chance to see a presentation of some amazing facts about the ‘Greats of Wales’

Yeah, it’s the thinking man/womans journey into the unknown. Care to join us?

Greats of Wales
Greats of Wales - Thomas H Morgan - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - William B Phillips, Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Sam Edwards - Nobel Laureate Greats of Wales - Edward B Lewis - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - E. Donnall Thomas - Nobel Laureate