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In the year nineteen hundred and ninety four, one of us at ‘Greats of Wales’ wrote up an article in the hope of having it published in one of the Welsh daily newspapers in-order to gather support as well as to prompt the WDA to take an interest. That never happened. The first mention of the concept was published in response to a rather acerbic article about erecting a monument where English soldiers had perished many moons ago in Welsh-English-Camarthenshire history! That article came out in 1997.

I saturated every establishment, Government body as well as most magazines and periodicals yet to no avail. I even published the idea on the BBC Wales web-pages in the hope that the powers that be could take an interest, reach out, work and come together as one regarding a project of epic proportions. To this day we continue to promote what could become Wales’ first Hall of Fame; The Welsh Academi of Fame. The Academi of Welsh Genius

To record these footprints in Welsh history and to remind us again of this concept first conceived over 15 years ago, we have decided to print a portion of the original article written in 1994;

On the 27th of October in the year nineteen hundred and sixteen a turning point and a landmark was made in Welsh history. Or was it? With the unveiling of the 'Welsh Historical Sculpture' scheme n Cardiff's City Hall, was this the first concientious movement in modern times to present famous sons and daughters of Wales to the general public?

T'’is unfortunate to relate that since those misty forgotten times, when ten 'national figures' first stood proudly in Cardiff, there has never been any movement for the implementation for Welsh iconographic representation into any Hall of Fame. That is correct. Hundreds of thousands of undiscovered, lost and forgotten souls still lie buried and appallingly, uncelebrated in Welsh as well as World-Welsh history.

Surely now then is that time. Now is the moment to surge forth as an entity of ambassadorial, concientious accountables' to inaugurate and build what will become a landmark in World history; ‘The Academi of Welsh Genius’. We may record that the' this sculpture scheme of 1910-16 under the title the ‘National Valhalla' for Wales, was the beginning of a real conciousness towards celebrating role-models of Welsh achievement

D.A Thomas, the entrepreneur chose three 'eminent-welshmen' to organise the publics vote on the selection of 'ten important figures' in Welsh history. It was run as a competition via the Western Mail in 'May 1913 inviting the public to name the ten most eminent Welsh men and Welsh women in the history of Wales and Monmouthshire'. Startling indeed and rather embarrassing! Asking the ignorant many, weaned on good old British imperialism to choose those they knew nothing. ( To this day the case is so )

The belief is that those not necessarily born in Wales but of Welsh ancestry must not be excluded from our Academy of Fame is paramount. The English have to be included in Welsh achievement from the past. A person born in England of Welsh descent is a Welsh-Englishman. The root of many naturalistic characteristics is rooted in our history with England. End it now or your children will continue to pick up the pieces. Hate no-more. Bath your souls in the very real and brilliant contribution those who were Welsh or of Welsh descent have made to both Britain and the World. For too long you have allowed yourselves to be belittled by the English. Now it is time to release your shackles, fight no more the demons of yesteryear but see in any English born person of Welsh descent a Welsh-Englishman and not just English. They were after-all a long time Welsh before they became English. Let us move forward with dignity and fight our neighbours no-more

Realise this now and our children will walk a greater people and a freed generation. The representation of all those who were born not just in Wales but of Welsh descent is as imperative to future generations as is the celebration of those visionaries in Wales today. Time is not on our side. Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have been scared or lost and a nations psyche has been affected and damaged. We are now the makers of our educational policies. We are the people to help shape a nation. Only we can make the future more accountable for future Cymro's and Cymrae's

The implementation for an educational centre who's ethic and empowering knowledge is spread throughout every school in Wales is something we hope you shall all agree with. Those who leave to study, those who walk the wider World as true Cymroes are surely few since they have not been taught the necessary knowledge of their nations genius. The same applies to the welsh language at school.

Inferiority has played far too great a part in Wales' history. Our famous have been only partially appropriated by the English themselves but more importantly, left to rot by our own leaders and by ourselves, in this corner of the World. I hope in the name of Welsh accountability that such neglect never rears its ugly head again. I hope that you also share my feelings, sentiment and intent.

Until that day we shall endevour to provide an on-line educational rescourse expounding the rich vein of outstanding talent and achievers who have walked the nations of the Worlds as Welshmen and Welshwomen

We believe that to assist making this generation the most accountably equipt to deal dignifyingly with standards already set by other nations of the World, the setting-up of a Welsh Hall of Fame would surely be a Godsend

Time to reflect; America has 274 Halls of Fame in over 100 fields. Wales? Not one…..


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