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Greats of Wales - Brian Josephson - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Evan J Williams, Nobel contender Greats of Wales - Clive Granger, Nobel Laureate
Greats of Wales - Martin Evans, Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Bertrand Russell, Nobel Laureate

G R E A T So fW A L E S
a i m sa n dv i s i o n

‘Greats of Wales’ is a year-long cultural, educational and citizenship-led celebration of events and on-line knowledge of Welsh and World-Welsh achievers and achievement culminating in an awards ceremony, namely World -Welsh Festival in the month of March

The vision is to empower, with iconographic knowledge, this generation of young Welsh achievers so that they become accountable role-models and ambassadors for Wales, thus inspiring future role-models in all professions, in the wider world community

We aim, as an educational resource in giving historical iconic accountability to every subject or profession. We offer this service to the Welsh/British media as well as give talks in historical groups, major events/conferences, schools, colleges and the universities of Wales

We wish to further assist and empower all Welsh and resident creative practitioners with the inspiration of an historic Welsh/Cymric iconographic identity thus giving their works an authentic national accountability

We aim to inspire all Welsh broadcasting houses and independent TV companies with our in-house knowledge resource in-order that they further enlighten the public to World-Welsh achievement in the hope of inspiring a mini-revolution in the output of Cymric achieving documentary and short films in Wales

By working with the community of World nations within Wales, we hope to raise the levels of Welsh citizenship by promoting the enlightened virtues of integration, tolerance, chwarae-teg, decency, respect and above all dignity

We offer unique presentations on Cymric achievers and achievement from around the world thus bringing, for the first time in Welsh history, an historic identity to our connections with all the worlds nations. We hope that the Welsh Asssembly would both utilise and honour our knowledge and vision. Such ideas have never been envisioned by Welsh leaders of yesteryear

We cherish the hope of both celebrating, honouring and dignifying those who still live amongst us and who are making/have made their mark in World-Welsh contemporary history via our World-Welsh Festival celebrations. The aim is to establish as well as celebrate, for the first time in Welsh history the National Roll of Honour for Welsh and World-Welsh achievers so that we bestow honour, respect and dignity to these Welsh men and Welsh women. This will act as a stimulus and inspiration and give historical identity to today’s icons of achievement

We continue to promote the establishment for ‘The Academi of Welsh Genius’. We originated the concept and continue to be its greatest vocalists for the setting up of an iconic and educational building to house ‘The Academi of Welsh Genius’, a ‘Hall of Achievers’ recognising World-Welsh Iconography. This would be a godsend to Wales and tourism but more importantly, it would provide latent, iconic Welsh identity and give citizenship accountability to the young and youth of Wales in schools and colleges as well as in universities as a research facility. Until that day, we offer an on-line, virtual Hall of Fame of World-Welsh Achievement.

Greats of Wales
Greats of Wales - Thomas H Morgan - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - William B Phillips, Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Sam Edwards - Nobel Laureate Greats of Wales - Edward B Lewis - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - E. Donnall Thomas - Nobel Laureate