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Greats of Wales - Brian Josephson - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Evan J Williams, Nobel contender Greats of Wales - Clive Granger, Nobel Laureate
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I c o n so fC y m r u
A r t
c o m p e t i t i o n

This annual art competition is geared at the representation
of an unexplored and uncelebrated history of World-Welsh achievers.
It is about both Welsh and World-Welsh achievers and achievements. These heroes
remain still largely unknown, undiscovered and appallingly uncelebrated. Those, who
lie largely buried in unmarked graves in The World of Wales. They are in our eyes the
Icons of Cymru as well as the Greats of Wales, yet sadly they are not

It is all quite simple. It is about paying homage to those who deserve more recognition and who need to be casked from their ashes in-order that we bring a dignity to their lives and their life’s achievements. With this latent knowledge the hope is to inspire a younger generation at ‘Wales gates of Expression’

The thinking behind our philosophy lies within the New School of Welsh Artists and Designers. What this School represents is simplicity itself. As you know, simplicity of form is never poverty…it is great virtue. A prerequisite is that you reach back into the past. Do a Mary Jones and search and seek. Explore libraries, read, digest, take out books, and buy them in-order that you make for yourselves a Welsh library. The library of World-Welsh achievement. With facts gleaned about the World-Welsh we gain accountable knowledge. This latent knowledge will help you caress the Canvases of Cymru

We need people to learn from your art works with aesthetically powerful, knowledge- imagery. These ‘Historicity poetics shall be knowledge manifestos whose imparting knowledge shall act like the World Welsh pound, travel around Wales and inspire a fresh, dynamic school of enlightened Cymros; a new wave of creatives with horizons to do further justice to Wales. The subject matter consists of largely uncelebrated Welshmen and Welshwomen either born in Wales or else of Welsh descent

The onus and the emphasis is for us all to search, to delve to find in the dusted libraries of Wales a hidden history of those who should be the ‘Greats of Wales’ We are therefore pioneering them into Welsh cultural life and affording them a status the young, the youth and our adult population can identify with

The artwork should be a maximum of 7ft by 7ft We seek not just a pictorial artwork but the knowledge of that person or persons in text format thus brining the persons achievements to a wider public. What we may refer to as ‘knowledge manifestos’. In-order to hit home your message and give iconic status to these forgotten achievers or achievements medium-wise there are no bounds except for works encompassing digital media and film

There shall be three prizes on offer. The first prise compromises an award of £400, a signed copy of the book, ‘Greats of Swansea’ and a bottle of Welsh wine. The second prize is for £200. The third prize is the Student Award who will receive a book on a Welsh or World-Welsh achiever as well as £100

Greats of Wales
Greats of Wales - Thomas H Morgan - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - William B Phillips, Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - Sam Edwards - Nobel Laureate Greats of Wales - Edward B Lewis - Nobel LaureateGreats of Wales - E. Donnall Thomas - Nobel Laureate